Thursday, August 31, 2006

Passion for blogging

So it's 5:01 and my fiance Greg gets out of work at 5:00 with a 15 minute walk home. We work a block away from each other. I have a more flexible schedule, so oftentimes I get home early like today, usually with some good intention of getting the house cleaned or dinner started or the laundry picked up... and inevitably I sit on the couch and participate in the greatest time-suck of, well, all time: the internet.

It is amazing to me how much time I can waste on the net. And then I wonder, is it really time wasted? Probably. There are so many other things I ought to be doing right now. Like taking the dogs for a walk. Or going for a run. Or working on that big project that is due so soon.

I decided I wanted to keep a blog because I am really bad at writing in a journal. It always feels so fatalist: nobody will ever read it but me, and in the end I will probably want to burn it or shred it into the trash anyway. Something about knowing that other people could read or care about my thoughts is comforting.

So who am I? I am a happy girl. I live with my fiance and our two lovely dogs (get the pun i nthe title?), I'm planning a wedding, my family is 2000 miles away, I love to cook, I love photography, and I'm a passionate person about whatever I'm in the mood for.

Which, at the moment, is blogging.