Saturday, September 02, 2006

Best Day Ever

My fiance Greg and I have a little weekly tradition. My claim to fame in our relationship is that I did indeed get him addicted to highly over-priced, over-caffinated and over-indulged-in espresso. Myself, I used to be a flavored latte girl (almond please), but now I have switched to the closest I can get to a purists' espresso: cafe americano (espresso + water). He will probably always be a cappuchino man. We like to go to this fantastic independent coffeeshop, Fuel, every Saturday moning. Aside from the perfectly brewed cappuchino's and americano's, we always order the same thing: egg sandwiches. My favorite is a rosemary bagel, smothered in butter, egg, and a slice of american cheese.

Yummy, calorie-indulging fantasy breakfast. It's the kind of breakfast where you won't want lunch until 4pm.

Thus was our morning. We sat there for more than an hour, enjoying the breakfast, people watching and learning Italian in preparation for our wedding-to-be in Umbria this spring. Not that we actually need to know Italian, but what better excuse to learn something?

Could this day get any better? Why yes it could. After breakfast, I persuaded Greg to follow me to Ann Taylor Loft. Do they have the most imaginative clothes ever? Not exactly. But at The Loft, I am able to afford the basic business attire that my tiny tiny salary can ever deal with. This day was his treat. I had been worrying about what to wear at an upcoming conference, and we decided it was time to buy me a suit. It was to be a matching suit so that I could stop trying to assemble the weirdly uncoordinating pieces I already own.

I spent 30 minutes trying on various sizes and shapes. I walked out with my brand new outfit, $250 in the hole - ouch. But, I have a suit, and better yet, a guy who thinks I look hot in it.

Then, as we're driving away from afforemented Loft, he gets a call. It was the jeweler! Calling about my engagement ring being almost ready (the diamond is not yet set). Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have been engaged for over four months and there is still no ring. The engagement itself was more a mutal decision making process, and I definitely wanted us to decide on a ring together without feeling rushed. So we designed a beaut and found a jeweler who could make it. Today, it was all ready and cast in white gold. He just wanted me to try it on before setting the stone.

We went from coffee/italian --> buying me a suit --> putting a diamond sparkly thing on my left hand. How self centered and fantastic is that?

On this particular morning, I am consumed by my absolute puppy dog love for Greg. I am consumed by the happiness that I am so fortunate to have love, to have such an amazing, wonderful, perfect guy. Thanks world, for letting me be so lucky.

It is only 11:37, and already it is The Best Day Ever.

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