Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am a mean, lean...err, blogging? machine!

Okay, so I've had a little trouble lately. Well, a lot of trouble. Between the wedding, some general meloncholy, PMS, other sorts of "women troubles", and I don't know what else...I have been completely and utterly unable to concentrate.

Normally this would not be such a terrible thing. I blessed with a fairly flexible, albeit extremely low paying, job that I can make my own hours in and get work done when I want to. That's all great. Except for now. When I have a huge deadline. A major, major, gigantic deadline. Something unavoidable. Something that I am entirely and singularly responsible for.

So I started early. Real early. I was quite proud of myself. I got a good running jump into the project, hit brick wall, sat back for a minute and decided that, hmm, what I really need is some perspective. I'll take a few weeks (2) to do some other things, return to this, and bang the whole thing out in no time at all.

Yeah right.

2 weeks turned into 3 weeks. I returned to the project, expecting it all to fly by so quickly... and realized that I am just as burned out now as I was 3 weeks ago, only now I have 3 less weeks with which I can make this all come together.

I have been struggling to say the least. And I have been in a terribly mood as a result. And I have also been succeptible to all sorts of distractions.

Until now: this lovely saturday morning, where I am sitting holed up in my office with ~100 journal articles categorized in neat little piles on the table in front of me and a 20 page report that needs about 10 more pages and all-of-the-figures-completely-reworked like a blinking little reminder on my laptop.

I am doing fantastic. I am a mean, lean, writing machine.......


I am a mean, lean, keeping on task machine......



I admit it.

I'm a mean, lean, blogging machine!

(Somebody save me!!!)

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