Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mind Mush Madness

Dear someone please save me from this mind-mush-madness.

My mind is total mush. Completely and utter mud. I can't think, analyze, or write. I am quite able to waste hours upon hours of time surfing the net, looking at Italian villas, or cooking way too fancy meals that are quickly consumed and require cleaning up after . . . but I seem to be incapable of work. Any kind of work. Even knowing that I have a very serious deadline rapidly approaching - knowing that I am reaching the point of no return, when there's literally not enough time to prepare the things to have them finished in time for the deadline - even then, I can't seem to focus.

Is this a function of the wedding planning? The bad weather? My almost always varying mood? Maybe I'm just burned out or something... I did work really hard in the weeks leading up to my currently general malaise. Or is just PMS?! (something I think all women recognize, but hate to admit)

Whateva' it is, I don't like it!

(P.S. I think my MMM title is fantastic. I've always appreciated strings of words that all start with the same letter)

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