Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sam The Fish: RIP

Just recently I mentioned that one of the things that I love about Greg is how he insists on keeping the one tiny fish alive that we have sitting in a huge 50 gallon tank (all of the other fish got The Ick and died several months ago). This tiny little thing, no more than a few cm's in length, had a tremendously traumatic day... which ended by his eventual demise in a much smaller (but better decorated) home.

Here's how the day proceeded.

8:00am Humans feed fish. Best Part of Day.
8:50am Humans gone for the day. Swimming, swimming, swimming . . .
1:00pm (Approximately) Strange splitting noise... that's odd. Swimming, swimming, swiming . . .
1:10pm Sound of dropping water. Where's that coming from?
2:00pm Volume of house appears to be decreasing slowly.
3:00pm Rapidly losing water!!
4:00pm Water everywhere! Dogs confused! Nowhere left to swim!
4:30pm Somebody come home! Situation getting dire! Fish can't swim around anymore!
5:30pm Humans return. Mop up water. Can't find fish. Tank is ruined, almost no water left.
5:45pm Humans locate fish! Save little critter (now named Sam) in small glass jar.
6:20pm Human female delights in locating larger glass house for fish: decorates with pretty clean pebbles and lush green plants. Smaller house, but nicer! Better real estate too.
6:30pm Human conditions water, tests for pH and ammonia. Looks good! Pours little Sam into his new home
6:40pm Sam free to swim around in new home
7:00pm Following apparent suicide attempt, new home is covered with heavy book.
9:00pm Humans return to check on Sam, find him Belly Up at the bottom of his new clean house.

What a sad day for that little fish!!

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